Christie Pearson is an artist, architect, writer, teacher and urban interventionist. She is a Partner in the design firm Team Project, founding member and editor of the journal Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape, Political Economy and Adjunct Professor at the School of Architecture, University of Waterloo.

Based in Toronto.
christie [at] christiepearson [dot] ca



October Group: Adrian Blackwell, Cecelia Chen, Kenneth Hayes, Barry Isenor, Christie Pearson, Kika Thorne, Derrick Wang, and others.

Location: Power Plant Gallery Toronto

The Fabricator T-Shirt Exchange was a summer time installation and event celebrating the power of giving it away. Custom printed t-shirts were hung on a line running connecting parking lots and plazas on either side of the gallery. On the back of the t-shirts were signing lines to record their journeys. Attendees were invited to remove their t-shirt and exchange it for one they liked. As the evening wore on, the variety of possible t-shirts were explored along with drinks.