Christie Pearson is an artist, writer, and architect   I create interdisciplinary participatory events and installations fed by research  on world bathing cultures. Public actions manifest cities of desire, playfully amplifying our relations to environments.

Wade Collective, co-founder (
Urbanvessel performance collective, co-founder (
Thewaves, co-founder (
Scapegoat: Architecture, Landscape and Political Economy co-founder (
Ontario Association of Architects
Friends of Alexandra Park (

Cornell University Masters of Architecture
University of Toronto Landscape Architecture
University of Waterloo Bachelors of Architecture & Bachelors of Environmental Studies
Katherine Duncanson Voice
Jim Self, Julia Sasso Movement

S E L E C T E D   P R O J E C T S
NIGHT Scapegoat Journal Issue 10 Co-editor with Will Straw
EROS Scapegoat Journal Issue 09 Co-editor with Nasrin Himada
A la rechrche (in search of practice-based research) exhibition curated by Barbara Balfour Open Studio Gallery
Immersive Vibratory Environment: Humming Workshop Tasmanian School of the Arts with THEWAVES
Cold Hot Cold
Session with THEWAVES at Hart House Sauna Symposium
Eva’s Phoenix Youth Shelter
Project Architect with LGA Architectural Partners
Fire on the Water performance-ritual-party-event at Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion Toronto
Rethinking the Past Black ash basketry community workshop and installation at Grey Roots Museum Owen Sound with Renee Wasson Dillard
Waters of Forgetfulness event-installation, Harbord Park wading pool for Human River parade
Breathe Installation in Toronto subway system for Contact ‘What’s Your Revolution’
Whirl Installation for Convergence of Art, Culture and Science event at University of Toronto
Stitch Concept development for performance with Urbanvessel
Wade2006 Conception and direction for festival of performance and installation art in Toronto’s outdoor wading pools with The Wade Collective, co-curated with Sandra Rechico, presented with YYZ Artists’ Outlet. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, and the Trillium Foundation
Night Swim Installation, sound performance and all-night swimming event created with Thewaves at Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre Pool Toronto
Slip Conception and installation for performance with Urbanvessel at Harrison Baths Toronto
Four Lines Conception and curation for performances on Toronto transit created with Urbanvessel and Continuum New Music for soundAxis festival
108 Film of stills made for composition by Sarah Peebles, shown Goethe Institute for soundAxis
Wade2004 Conception and direction for festival of performance and installation art in Toronto’s outdoor wading pools with The Wade Collective, co-curated with Sandra Rechico and presented with YYZ Artists’ Outlet. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, the Laidlaw Foundation and the Trillium Foundation
The Space Between My Legs Sculpture shown at York Quay Gallery Toronto
Feather Bath / Ice Bath Installation at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts and Harrison Baths Pool Toronto
Dry Bath Installation at Kita Kogane Train Station, Tokyo
Mud Bath Installation at Mies van der Rohe’s TD Bank and the Don River
Tree Cast Installation for Earth Day in High Park Toronto
Fabricator T-shirt Exchange Installation/event with October Group at The Power Plant Toronto
Mattress City Installation with October Group at Nathan Philips Square Toronto
Shown at 2008 exhibition Creative Activism at the Toronto Free Gallery
Inflatable Tube Shelter Installation for the Toronto Days of Action with October Group at Nathan Philips Square Toronto

G R A N T S   A N D   A W A R D S
Canadian Wood Council Awards 2009 for Native Child and Family Longhouse with Levitt Goodman Architects
Canada Council for the Arts 2015, 2012, 2007, 2001, 2000 (juror 2008)
Ontario Arts Council 2011, 2006
The WADE and Urbanvessel collectives have received the generous and repeated assistance of the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Trillium Foundation and the Laidlaw Foundation

University of Waterloo School of Architecture Cambridge
Ryerson University Architecture School
Cornell University
Daniels Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Design

2016 Toronto Society of Architects at Doors Open Toronto Art and Architecture
2015 Tuning Speculation III: The Occulture Immersive Vibratory Environments: Towards a Vibratory-Energetic Phenomenology with Marcus Boon
2015 Tasmanian College of the Arts Bathing in the Material-Energetic Spectrum: A Study in Immersion and Art
2015 Energies in the Arts Conference Bathing in the Material-Energetic Spectrum Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art
2014 Sauna Symposium Sauna discussion host, C Magazine, Hart House Farm
2014 The Urban Night Colloquium lecture Night Gardens: Pleasure Grounds and Bath Houses Montreal
2014 Gallery 1313 Art Builds panelist
2013 Gladstone Grow Op Playing With Landscape: Making Art in the Open panelist
2013 UW School of Architecture Cambridge Public Baths, Public Spaces lecture
2013 Canadian Music Centre Collaboration presentation/workshop w/Juliet Palmer
2013 OCADU Urban Ecologies Conference Urban Interventions lecture
2010 A Month of Sundays reading/performance of prose-poem Geneology
2010 Love and Politics presentor Hart House UT Extra-Cirricular: Between Art and Pedagogy
2009 Alphabet City Water Festival Water, Life and Baths readings and panel
2008 Toronto Arts Council Foundation At the Hub symposium Art in the Parks
2007 Universities Art Association of Canada Issues in Contemporary Curatorial Practice panel
2006 Performance Canada Annual conference panel at Harbourfront Centre
2006 Ryerson University Architecture Other Practices guest lecturer
2005 Harbourfront Theatre Centre Stupa panel
2002 Canadian Centre for Architecture  Artists on Architecture panel
1998 Daniels Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Design The Urban Public Bath lecture
1998 University of Toronto Fine Art Department Symposium on Public Art

S E L E C T E D   P U B L I C A T I O N S
Scapegoat Journal Issue 10 NIGHT Co-editor with Will Straw
Scapegoat Journal Issue 09 EROS Co-editor with Nasrin Himada
C Magazine Issue 123 The WET Issue Autumn 2014 An Interview with Leonard Koren
Ground Spring 2010 Cultures of Play
Alphabet City WATER Spring 2009 The Public Bath and the City
Ascent Spring 2009 I Had A Marvelous Dream
HTO: Toronto's Water from Lake Iroquois…interviewed 2008
Descant Spring 2008 10th Street Baths
On Site Winter 2008 Varanasi
Ascent Winter 2008 Ashram Lit with Marcus Boon
Senses and Society July 2006 Bath Spa
WADE 2007 exhibition catalogue with Sandra Rechico, ed. Sally McKay; YYZBooks
On Site Spring 2006 Dry Bath Ice Bath Mud Bath Feather Bath
Spacing Fall 2004 Toronto’s Wading Pools with Sandra Rechico
Samplesize Spring 2003 Rogue Wave
Alphabet City OPEN CITY 1998 October Group with October Group

S E L E C T E D   M E D I A   C O V E R A G E
NOW Magazine 2012 Sunnyside on Fire and Can Sonic Tourism Become Musical Fair Trade? Anupa Mistry
National Post 2012 Beach Party Fire on the Water Hopes to Revive Toronto’s Love of its Lake Tara McInnes
Torontoist 2012 A New Kind of Beach Party Chris Dart
Mosaic 2012 Community Identity through Heritage Subjects and Objects Stephen Hogbin
Azure fall 2010 Natural Strength (Native Child and Family Services)
Musicworks magazine fall 2010 Urbanvessel Jonny Dovercourt
Studio magazine 2009 Fall-Winter Mentoring Forward Stephen Hogbin
Eye Weekly 2008 March 5 All Sewn Up 'David Balzer
On Site Summer 2007 Water Babies: Pools, Pond Life, Performance
The Liberty Gleaner 2006 Oct/Nov Creative Living Kate Weldon
National Post 2006 Sept 30 Nuit Blanche Adam McDowell
City TV 2006 Sept 29 City Pulse
CBC TV 2006 Sept 29 evening news
CBC Radio 2006 Sept 29 Here and Now
Metro 2006 Sept 29 My Secret City Transforms Public Spaces Michelle Novielli
Globe and Mail 2006 Sept 29 It's Gonna Be a Long Night Liz Allemang
Eye Weekly 2006 Sept 28 Everything is Illuminated David Balzer
Toronto Star 2006 Sept 28 Toronto's Ultimate All-Nighter Alwynne Gwilt
Now 2006 Sept 28 Nuit Blanche Nuggets Benjamin Boles
CKLN Radio 2006 Sept 27 Rough Idea Ron Gaskin
Eye Weekly 2006 Sept 21 Slip
CIUT Radio 2006 Sept 17 Evi-dance Ted Fox
Globe and Mail 2006 July 7 Lively Weekend
Now 2006 July 6 Q+A
Eye Weekly 2006 July 6 Get wet Dale Duncan
City Parent 2006 July Wade 2006 D.F.
Xtra 2006 July 6 Making Waves Stephanie Rogerson
Toronto Star 2006 July 6 Everyone into the pool of urban art Jim Coyle
Toronto Sun 2006 July 6 Our deep pool of artistic talent Sherri Wood
National Post 2006 July 5 City-wide project… Zosia Bielski
Toronto Star 2006 July 2 Artists wade in Susan Walker
Grapevine 2006 June Wade project goes deep Jonathan Rothman
Annex Gleaner 2006 June Wade into summer
Azure Magazine 2000 Trinity Community Recreation Centre
Azure Magazine Fall 2000 The Ideal Workplace for Q30
Canadian Architect Aug 1998 Sci-Fi Gets Real Nyla Matuk
Mix1997 Fall Mattress Square Adrian Blackwell
Toronto Star Oct 1997
Canadian Architect1997 March Competition Bronwen Ledger


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